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A Baby Of Many Hats

Because now tis the season for hats, at least everyone who lives in cold snowy places like Vermont, I would like to dedicate a post to the many different hats that have graced our little Lion's mane. (Brace yourself for a photo barrage..)
We all know that every newborn needs a hat. There are so many to choose from! From the hand-knit  slightly lopsided hat from grandma, to the fancy animal hat, to the humble hospital skull cap, the varieties are endless and fun. But if you have a baby like Leo, in addition to the fun part, the hat also becomes essential; a cover up, a safety net from the rest of the world. And a heck of a fitting challenge, at least in the beginning. Patens pending, of course, on the pants/shirts/tights hats...

Here we have Leo's first hat, the flattering pants hat look. (Pants, as in, made from my natty pajama pants.)

 Next we have the so stylish Shirt Hat..(also a very unflattering shirt in a previous life..)

The Bath Towel Cover up...

The never ending Vermont Winter hat.. (his expression embodies our feelings about winter)

The Two in One hat: molds your skull and shows your team spirit...

And the Just Survived Major Skull Surgery style.

In addition to the much sought after Tights/ Desert Sheik hat.

The Papa hat.

The Bionic Baby hat.

The Rare Sunny Day Hat.

The Rasta.

The Mum's Bad Hair-Day hat. (well played baby, well played. Now give it back before everyone runs away screaming..)

And last but not least, the famous Lion hat!

Leo has a hat for every occasion, and for every stage in his life so far. And though our attitude towards his hats has changed, now that we don't feel like we need to "cover" him up in public, the legacy continues and serves another dual purpose of cataloging his progress, and ours!
Hats off to all of Leo Man's special hats!


  1. He is so cute! I think the "bad hair day" hat is my favorite lol

  2. Love the Rasta look!!! Great post, only Leo and his first 2 1/2 years...could create a full line of head wear :-)

  3. He lifts my heart! Claire

  4. loved these pictures! God bless lovely Leo!!!

  5. He really truly is so. very. CUTE. :)
    The rasta and the lion hat are my faves. :)


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