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It's That Time Again

It's that time again.
That almost last week in August in which momentous things happen to our little family. 

Justin and I got married. (8/22/04)

Nika was born. (8/26/06)

Major relocation and life change (8/25/07)
And then suqential move back to VT (summer '10)

The Day of Diagnosis of "something very very wrong with baby." (8/17/10

Please do try to ignore the icky preggie jammies, I had other things on my mind...(like talking on the phone with THE DOCS while mechanicly plucking all the parsley out)

Leo was born. (8/23/10)

I shudder to think what else will happen to us during this week in the future: apocalypse, local volcanic eruption (a real childhood fear of mine, I think I read too many books and was homeschooled..remember that book on Pompeii? The illustrations gave me nightmares for years...) and/or insert some other surprise of cataclysmic proportions of your choice here. 

 So far, it's Monday and things look pretty quiet around here.
Actually things look pretty gosh-darn-great around here.
Sunny, warm, and full of the wonderful stuff of life, which goes far to help erase the PTS flashbacks to those days of extreme stress when two little human souls decided to rock our world and shift everything into a new and previously undiscovered dimension of parentland. 
You know, that moment when two people suddenly are handed a tiny, wriggling, squeeky bundle of life with a handshake and the parting shot of "best of luck" said usually with a underyling hint of "now they are in for it,"coupled for us, anyway, with some kind of medical undertone. Nika too, had a rocky start in life invovling a bit of a heart issue, which resolved on its own in time, and though seemed horrendous to us at the time, really can't compare much to the terror of Leo's birth. (Imagine skirmish with rock trolls compared to the fiery pit of lava on Mt. Doom. Ok, I think I may have a "thing" about volcanoes. But its not just me, look at Tolkien.)

Iddylic neighborhood landmark, or a sleeping monster of doom just bidding its time to erupt and wreak destruction? My ten year old brain thought the latter.
It's that time again, but instead of being the death-row countdown to a short medically dependent life that we expected with our lil' Lion man, we are beginigly planning birthday parties and shopping around for the best deals on Thomas trains. I think I have to give myself a annual *smack* to wake up and really appreciate this incrediable gift that fell into our lap three and seven years ago. I guess God thought it a good idea at the time, and He always knows best....

So without much more ado,
it's time again for
 the obligatory Leo Birthday Movie! 
Love to you all and many sticky Lion kisses.


  1. Thank you as always for sharing this precious gift in your lives - Leo's story has been a gift to mine as well! And the song is just perfect for your little lion man.

  2. Happy 3rd year of life Leo! Happy Happy Birthday on the 26th! Thank you again for sharing his life story with us. Whenever I see a new post about him through my friend I get excited and can't wait to read and learn. His life testimony is an inspiration to me. Your faith and endurance has helped me to look to the future. I'm a cancer survivor. Your stories of Leo's progress take me another step ahead each time I read a new one. God bless each of you in a very special and personal way.

    1. Thank you for your words, and for sharing your story! What a trial to go through. I'm so happy that you too are a survivor! Thanks for keeping up with our lion man. <3

  3. I remember those days 3 years ago when we happened be around for the news and birth and poor prognosis. Your little man has sure come a long way through prayer, good docs and the incredible love of his mother and father. Walking, smiling, squeeking with Nika and more. Thank you for sharing his life, and yours with all of us.

    1. Doug, both you and Kathy were rocks of support for us in those days. I think had you not been there, it would have been even worse! Love you guys!!

  4. I absolutely loved the little video. Lion man is such a charmer! Thanks so much for the photos, the videos, the music, the writing. It's like a little gift to see and read all that God has done and is doing. Love to you all, Kathy

  5. Oh my gosh, you mean I'm not the only one who was petrified of volcanoes as a kid?! I read a story about a farmer who had a cinder cone pop up in his field and was petrified for years that the same would happen in the middle of our living room....

    And... Happy Birthday Leo! Rock on, kiddo!

    -Bev (Elaine's sister)

  6. Where has the time gone? What a Journey and testament to the power of love and community - and Spirit. Thanks for sharing your lives with us, it's been such a gift and so faith building.
    As an aside, I grew up in Ohio, petrified of mountains, because I was sure that there was going to be a volcano.
    Continued Blessings on your family and your little "Lion Man"
    Veneda Gabourel

  7. He's three already! Its hard to believe! And Nika is 7? Wow! Happy celebrating! Miss you guys. Gonna have to come visit someday! :-)
    Marcy Hickman

  8. Thank you so much for allowing so many people to witness the miracle that resides in your home! A walking miracle! Happy Birthday to that sweet 3 year old boy.

  9. 9-15-2013 I check in every day lovely to see the same happy faced baby every time I visit and that all has been serene since your August 19th posting. Prayers continue. Claire


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