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Schooling The Lion

Leo the little lion is hitting week three of his new EEE therapy and he has had time to form some opinions on the matter.  

First of all: Who are these new people, what have they done with the sweet ladies who cuddled and played games with me every week since the day I came home from the hospital?!

Lets see if I got this want me to start feeding myself from now on? Ha! Nice one.

Leo's new schooling has started with a vengeance. The guy has been getting away with murder, and we've been his partners in crime. The skinny is, the fact that Leo can be disobedient and spoiled has us jumping up and down with glee; "Look honey, Leo just smacked his sister!! Wow just like a normal bratty little brother...awww!!" (Needless to say this attitude does not help big sis with her sibling rivalry.)

Boy pretty much thinks he really is the king of the jungle. 

There is some extreme work here that needs to be done to make him a tolerable and fair ruler instead of a piratical dictator, albeit a really cute one...which is part of why his reign is so successful. 
That and the fact that his scream/whine is appropriately tuned to give me immediate heart burn. 

Second of all, Leo is questioning the new methods: How can screaming, even with joy, not instill instant control and bring me my hearts desire? HOW?
 New therapists are a very professional bunch and know every single trick in the book. Thank God someone does.  

Some new methods include some major sensory therapy with all the elements known to earth, and some drastic daily habit changes. Justin and I have somehow (really it's a mystery) gone down the path of least resistance and done things with speed and convenience in mind. Gotta feed three people? Feed one on the counter while cooking for the other one and the third will just have to fend for himself...Boy screaming and pulling your pants down while trying to wade through the giant mound of dishes? Pick him up and forget the sink, and maybe the whole kitchen area exists. Trying to do work on the computer? Forget it and watch Thomas the Train with boy instead. (Anybody else think those trains are communists?) Trying to do some knitting with big sister? Forget it, and make the biggest knot tangles the world has ever seen with the Lion. Lions love string!! Etc, etc, etc. You get the picture.

Well played lion, well played.

Leo has us all jumping and running to every one of his siren like whims. 
(Not only will I need to be treated for ulcers, I think my hearing is going also.)

So here comes EEE to the rescue with an answer to every question and a list of "things that MUST change, (or else everyone will loose their sanity)."
We aren't loosing hope, and while implementing the new rules (it's for your own good, really..) we are still giggling into our sleeves about the whole thing. I mean, rules!! Who would have thought he would need em?? 

How grand.


  1. I've been following Leo since his birth. What a joy to see him grow and flourish. And what beautiful hair! Such a handsome guy. My son is Leo's age and we are currently working on his obsession with grabbing from his big sisters :)

  2. I love the new picture.....he looks so sure of him self and so pleased with the world Claire


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