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The Four Year Movie Project Needs YOU

You may have noticed that I've given this blog a bit of a face lift to start off the New Year, and I've also posted back up all of Leo's movies that I've made for him on his birthday. You can view them from the link on the home page's title bar. The very first movie I made for him is called the Half Year movie because we weren't sure that he would make it to the One Year movie mark! But he did and the Half Year movie become almost a catalyst for the miracle of the change in his terminal diagnosis. However, at the time of making that movie, I did not know the happy news yet so it was made with a dose of grief, along with the joy that we felt in having Leo in our life. The other movies mark his amazing development and progression after that first reconstructive surgery, but I'm sure you have also noticed that the Four Year movie is missing! When Leo turned four this past August we were up to our ears in the business of buying a house and moving, and then... life just kind of got away from me for a little while, so as of now, there is no Four Year movie. 
But I really want to continue the tradition of the yearly movie, so here is where I need YOUR help!
My idea and perhaps my (attainable) New Year resolution, is to make his four year movie starring him, us....and...maybe his dearest fans! Meaning you!
In my head I'm picturing it in a documentary style and interspersed between the clips of our lion boy being his cute and adorable self I want to have segments of people who love him and who have been touched by his story.

What you have to do:
Send me via email a very short (like way under a minute) clip made on your iphone, tablet, or what have you, it doesn't have to be hollywood quality here, of you/family/friends sharing what Leo has meant to you. (I know all of you are good bunch, but it is the world wide web here so I have to say it: please please keep it clean!)

A couple ideas to help:
 Answer one of the following questions in your words or even pictures (why not, let's get creative, if your kids want to draw him a picture or something).

1. If you had a chance to tell Leo something face to face, what would it be?
2. How long you have been following his story, and why?
3. The one thing that has stuck with you the most after reading his story.
4. What's one hope/wish that you may have for him in his mysterious future? (The sky is the limit here!)
5. If reading this blog has changed your perspective on special needs and disabled children,  and if so, in what way?

Again, keep in mind this will be an iMovie production, so no pressure for crazy HD quality, (no need to rush out for a professional camcorder!) just so long as it's viewable and short enough to be emailed. Anyway it should be easy and fun to do.

I'm hoping to put the movie together in the next couple of weeks so if you want to do it, don't wait long...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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