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It's Show Time!

It's finally here!
We did it you guys!
The Leo Clement #4 Edition and installment of the yearly movie!
Look at all my exclamation points! 
I'm excited!

Seriously though, after several near misses and lots of nagging persistence, I, with the help of everyone who let me ambush, beg, and coerce into being interviewed and filmed, can finally say that success was met. At one point all hope was lost as our faithful computer of many years decided that now was a good of a time as any to journey to the electronic afterlife and take most of our files with it, and it's only thanks to the mad surgical skills of my computer whiz brother, the comp was persuaded to part from our files and give them up for transplant into another younger and healthier vessel. At any rate, now all is well, and as you will see, so is the movie.
Please let me know what you think, since this is just a beginning of a greater something geared towards awareness and ultimately, a tool to help others who may need encouragement and support in regards to their "special" children. 
I mean it, feedback is everything. 
And again, a big giant thank you to all who participated in this! You guys are the best.


  1. Truly a miracle! Thank you for posting this. I wish the whole world could view this post and see the miracle of Leo. Unconditional love!! Vicki Siliski

  2. Wow...incredibly beautiful! Leo is such a gift to you and all who know him! Thanks so much for sharing this video.
    Love, Doug & Kathy

  3. I loved it! Very nice and touching. All these people who know and love Leo, that's so great you have them in your son's life.

  4. Was it really five years ago we prayed together and your parents had the courage to listen to God's voice?
    Keep strong and spread the light!
    Your Eagle Crag Friends


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