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Traditional Post-Op Photo Shoot...

I really don't know who was cuter this morning..... so hence all the photos. Might have gotten a little carried away, and couldn't decide which ones are the best, so you guys vote on that.

As you can see, on this lovely rain washed squeaky clean morning, all is well in our little cabin. The lion is at peace because of the relieved pressure, big sis is up to her normal tricks, and we are, dare I say, a little bit happy even?


  1. Wow I have to say that the eyes in all the photos are beautiful, the pic with all 3 is beautiful and has to get my vote. So glad that Leo's pressure is relieved and more content and it shows the love and calmness = happy :-)

  2. I agree that the picture with Leo, Nika, and Anna is my favorite, but I also love the third from the last! What a sweet face Leo is making. I also love Leo's snuggly pants. :) Miss you guys! Michael has been identifying every Honda Element he sees as Papa, Nika, Anna, and baby Leo's car (except Leo is still pronounced yo-yo).

  3. You all have the most incredible, lovely eyes. I don't think I can choose :)

  4. Great pictures! Nika is such a ham! And I love the one of the Nika holding Leo's hand!

  5. Agreed! All of the picture are excellent!

    Prayer for you all!

  6. Oh my goodness! What lovely eyes you all have! I can't say which is the best, but I like the one with all three of you in it.

    (FYI: Leo is commemorated at every service here.)

  7. All the pictures are awesome,my three favorite are of Nika, Leo's third from the bottom and Nika and Leo holding hands.There is something very touching and heartwarming,in the little trusting fingers curled around his big sisters strong and gentle hand.
    Keep sending those pics our way!

  8. Hands down! They are all adorable!!!
    Kelley xo

  9. Great pictures. Leo's eyes seem so big now, and he seems to be using them to their full capacity. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Beautiful pictures, Anna-all of them! I love the one of the two siblings hand-in-hand. I also love to see Leo's eyes so bright and wide open. I can tell that the pressure must be much lower than when we met him, because he looks calmer and lighter. What a blessing. Love to you all.

  11. These are all so wonderful, joyful!

  12. I would have to say pictures number 2 and the one right after the holding hands picture. We miss you all and your family is also being commemorated at every service at both Christ the Savior and at St. Nicholas Salem!


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