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Hurry Up And Wait

Still waiting to hear on the dates of the surgery. It's kinda like going to the dentist. You really don't want to go, but you really just want it over with. Which I why I am hounding the secretaries at Dartmouth, and putting the pedi neurology on speed dial. They must love me there! Oh no they say, it's that crazy mum again who asks all the questions about the new filing system and comes wheeling back here with a funny looking baby in a giant off road stroller and makes us riffle through the stacks of paper work we were leaving for the weekend, or better yet, for after vacation... No I know that I'm wrong and it's all in a days work for those capable ladies. I just dying to know what/when to expect the 'big cut," and yet at the same time would be perfectly happy not knowing and just snuggling my funny face boy on the couch for the rest of my days. Alas, our days are numbered and our sleepless nights are just beginning.
Anyway, we are hoping and not hoping to find out the date this week, and pray for God to be merciful, that it will happen soon, and that our double sided emotions will finally become easier to define.
Here are some new pics of the Leo, being his super cute self. The chub blub on his midriff as been noted by many and he certainly takes the prize in being the most lovable bit of chunk. And for being the toughest! Check out his moves! He's rolling and picking up his head...and that is no small feat!


  1. Rejoice! He shines with the love of God!

    with many prayers, Claire

  2. Surgery or no surgery with those blue eyes and that smile he's a very handsome chap. I pray for him every day and always will... and I do hope with all my heart you get a date soon.

  3. What a love bug. Praying they get the date set & you're all home & healthy before you know it.

  4. Praying for you guys daily! I just can't get over how stinkin' adorable Leo is :) He is too cute.


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