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post-Op day 4

Too tired tonight, but a quick update for all you Leo enthusiasts! All is well today, he had his wound drain removed today and started peeing buckets (literally) after they gave him a combo med which helps pull the fluid from the soft tissues into his kidneys, and then gives those kidneys a kick start. It was amazing to see how the swelling started going down the minute he started passing all that fluid. He also had his first bowel movement since the surgery tonight before I left the PICU. Yay! (Sorry if this is too much information, but right now, all this stuff is pretty important.) I am so proud of my little guy! He is totally amazing. Tomorrow morning they will try to trail xtubate him, and I really hope he is ready for that. Its hard to see him all plugged in and sedated all the time. When his meds start wearing off is when I get to see glimpses of my goofy son. Like when I was changing his diaper and didn't notice that his hand restraints were loose and, of course, when I looked away for a second he managed to pull out his own cath. Thats my guy! Anyway we are doing ok, but getting pretty tired. Nika can't wait to get her brother bear home. Love to you all!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing each day. We are praying for Leo and to hear of his progress each day, continually reminds me of how great and awesome our Lord is. He continues to be with us through the problems and circumstances he lets come into our lives...all of which continue to mold us into his image. I am praying for a complete healing for Leo...Thanks,

  2. Glad to hear the P & P are working, and yes this is very important after hours of surgery :-) We are praying for progress each day as he continues to heal. It has been very interesting to see nurses reactions to Leo's story and the amazing role of faith and prayer touching these folks as well... Thanks for sharing, knowing how exhausted you are :-)

  3. He's making such wonderful progress! And yes, the "outs" are just as important as the "ins"! 13 years of nursing will tell you that!

    Prayers for his continued healing.

  4. We are so grateful for the posts. We will think of sweet baby Leo wrapped in the folds of the Theotokos' robes as he transitions from the PICU with so many prayers surrounding him.

  5. Thanks for the updates, Anna. I await them anxiously. We are worried for you and Justin and are continually praying for Leo's recovery. It's so hard to see our children suffer. Thinking of you! Hope to see you out of doors soon.

  6. Haha, don't worry about TMI (too much info)! Any of us who have had surgery can relate to what great news that is. I can't wait to see the less puffy version of Leo (compared to Wednesday)!

  7. Wonderful news! Thank God for His presence, His saints' prayers, and this crack team of doctors y'all have!

  8. So wonderful to hear he is doing well :-)

  9. Glory to God for all things! - for P & P too, "in wisdom He has made them all" ;-)

    Only please try to have some rest during the day...


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