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Luck Potion Man

Ever have those days when you feel lucky? So lucky in fact, that it's almost like you drank a lucky potion. Maybe not something as potent as Potter's Felix Felicis potion, but some kind of brew that makes your happy gauge go up and up. It doesn't just happen in books you know. Sometimes it isn't something that you did; it has something to do with who you are with. Perhaps it's just being around a lucky kinda person who gives off second-hand luck. I always thought I was the more unlucky kind. Never won raffles or contests, or even the better party favors. So when I look at the little son that God decided to give us, I feel my lucky gauge shoot through the roof. He was just born lucky. The fact that he was born at all is luck. Luck mixed in with lots and lots of faith. Perhaps luck and faith are one in the same, but whatever it was and is that gives our Leo man his magic, it rubs off on the rest of us. I don't think that the luck extends to a lottery ticket however, but, who needs all that when the best things can't be bought anyway.  Leo is a concentrate of luck that was gathered through all the hundreds of prayers, good thoughts and vibes that have been heading his way since day one. How in the world can we thank you all for that? Someday, hopefully, I will think of something. In the meantime, I guess some more Leo pictures will just have to do!

By the way, Leo's development review went well, although we won't get all the results of the visit until mid October. However, they determined that he will need one more day of general therapy (speech, play) a week to supplement the physical therapy. Since he is going through quite a development spurt right now, they want to take advantage of it. Seriously, he is like a developing baby in fast forward. Can you believe that he is not only completely independently holding his own head, but almost sitting up on his own! Today he spent most of the day on his tummy, figuring out how to reach toys that were just a little too far. Every day he gets so much closer! It's incredible to watch. He's eating like a horse, anything and everything, and he's discovering the joys of crunching veggie sticks on his sore gums. Then he gives me these perfectly flirty looks and I don't even know who is prouder of whom in those moments. Him or us! What a goof.

Haha! Love this one!!

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  1. Go Leo Go! I'm so thrilled he is doing well.

  2. Oh what magic, for sure! Seeing him weekly provides that dose for us, couldn't imagine it 24/7 :-) Love seeing him sitting up, holding his head! Nothing stopping him now!!!!!

  3. gosh he is SO cute! Love hearing your updates. Leo is amazing!


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