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Fear Experiment

I know, this isn't a new topic is it?

It never is, and yet and yet, it still is our problem!!

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, and hoping for a different outcome? Thanks to Einstein for that refreshing look into the sad state of human mentality. If that is true, then we are all way past the point of where we should be getting carted off to the funny farm.

Because we all do the same thing over and over again, convinced that this time, if only this time, it will work. What the heck is wrong with us? Insanity? I don't think so.

Lets take fear, again, for example. We've all been scared before. Everyone, everywhere, even if it is self-inflicted through scary movies, or forced upon us by circumstance, unless you have lived your life in a complete bubble, everyone has experienced that gut wrenching, mind shattering fear. Dare I say, that's normal? Here in the US of A, things aren't too bad, not like in Syria where people are being carved into tiny bits for fun. Here, things aren't that bad. Going to the grocery store usually doesn't mean risking flying bullets, thank God. Not that there aren't those places out here too, but you know what I mean. For most of us, things are not at that level. Even though that is true, for some reason in our own personal lives, we still insist on staging our own mental war zones where we fight, and often loose against fear.

The problem with fear, is that we take it, and make it into something else. Something totally out of our control, we grow it, and mold it, until it becomes like facebook; knowing exactly which ads to pop up to trigger it, over and over.

I think the problem is, that we live too much in our heads, and not enough in our hearts. Too simple? Maybe, but why complicate things? Fear of being afraid is purely our own mental construct. Once the tiger stopped chasing primitive man, he breathed out a sigh of relief and said,"I'm still alive! And wow check out that leg of strange horned animal that I brought home!" He didn't say, "Oh my, that was too close, now I'm so scared of the possibility of not making it next time that I will sit here in my cave until I starve."

That isn't an option. It shouldn't be an option. If it becomes the chosen option, then every minute of every day will be fearful. Do not be afraid, Christ told us. Or in the famous words of Sam I Am: You do not like them, so you say. Try them! Try them! And you may. Try them and you may, I say!

Lets break the mold, and try it differently this time, at least for Einstein's sake...and for our own. Lets venture out through the open doorway, after all, that is where all the sunshine is!

There are no guarantees, of course, that out there is safe from tigers; definitely there are lions about! Nothing is safe, except knowing that at the end of a hard day, there is a place that is home. A home that is filled with love and joy, where fear and its friend anxiety are not welcome. A place of rest and trust, that you can always retreat to. And that is one thing, that will work out, every single time you try it.


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