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In Like A Lion

And out like a baby lion?? 

Our March has started out cold and snowy, but in a manner of days things are starting to feel like spring. (disclaimer: no predictions are made that this weather will has been known to snow in late April..)

It's really hard not to be excited about the possibilities! The potential for great things is what brings a smile to our faces right now. 

Soaking in the sun seems to be the most important on the agenda right now. 

But sometimes, what is important, gets lost in the barrage of everyday minutia. The chores, the appointments, bills, work, sleeplessness, it all threatens to take over and distract us from the important stuff.

Like how a ray of sunshine looks as it dances across your fingers. When was the last time you checked? Or how funny and strange a piece of grass can look on your pants after a bare and sterile winter?

Spring is when the earth starts to push energy out through the ground, enlivening trees, and sending strength to the brave little shoots that are just starting to peek into the world above. We too, can benefit from this upward rush of energy, if we take it in the right way. If we don't then "spring fever" can take on a whole new, and unfortunately, sickly, meaning as we rush ourselves into the ground with meaningless busyness.  

Remember how important it is right now, just to lay down your winter cares, your work, your burdens, your worries and just rest. 
Rest away those winter blues. 


  1. How true, Anna! We live here for the change in the seasons. It's so important not to miss them...feel the warm sun on your faces, welcome back those sleepy perennials, enjoy the awakening. Happy Springtime...and yes it could snow again!


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