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Eyes On The Lion

Pictures speak louder then words.

Before picture of Leo's eyes. Since his two major head surgeries, little man's eyes have stopped working as a team. One eye was always taking a coffee break, leaving the other to do all the work. It was hard for us to figure out which eye was the one he was looking at us with. But because of the little miracle that took place yesterday, we don't have to play this guessing game anymore! The surgery was a total success, and it is so thrilling to look into to both of the little lion's sparkly eyes at the same time. 

Leo in the waiting room before surgery
The procedure itself only took a couple hours, and then once he woke up, we had to wait around for another couple hours so that the eye doctor could check his alignment and re-adjust if needed. As it happened, his left eye needed another tweak and since she had put in stitches that were adjustable, poor buddy needed to go under again for another fifteen minutes or so.
Leo waking up the first time, cranky and groggy and spitting mad about the IV in his arm. 
Waking up the second time he wasn't so cranky as he was totally goofy and drunk. We were all giggling so hard it took several of us to keep the squirmy baby from tumbling off the bed. Then, when the silliness wore off, they sent us home with an arsenal of eye drops, and a pat on the back. What a different surgery experience for us! We are used to a lot more drama and fuss, so that is what we had subconsciously prepared ourselves for. It was weird to walk out of there after only a half a day! Weird, but very very good.
And you can see for yourself the instant and fantastic result!

When we first got home.

And that evening before bed. 

Bang. Two eyes!!

 It might take a week or so for his brain to figure out the new placement of his eyes, so until his brain does, he might be more unbalanced then usual, but once that resolves we are really going to push his
walking skills!

No more excuses little man. No more issues. No more unknowns, no more limits or hopelessness. Just the wide open road of endless possibilities and potential. Go rock the world little lion.


  1. He looks great!! I'm so happy for you guys!!

  2. Hooray for successful surgery ! Please give Leo a little hug from us here in Wales, UK.

  3. Poor guy, I understand him so well.. He might have some headache until it's all adjusted. And he is the most beautiful little lion I know.

  4. He's always had beautiful eyes and now he has beautifully working eyes! Congratulations, Lion!

  5. So amazing! Glad it's behind you, and that it was a success! He looks great--now good luck keeping up with him!


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