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Better Living Through Chemistry

After four days of being on Keppra, it seems that we have a handle on the seizures! Day two he was still seizing so the neuros recommended doubling his dose. I played it safe and upped the dose to instead of the 1.4ml. Yesterday he had his EEG. Of course it had to be during one of the biggest snowstorms of the year, and super early in the morning to boot. However, Leo handled having 25 plugs stuck on his head with good grace and we got out the hospital in a decent amount of time. We haven't gotten the full results of that yet (not like we care anymore) but his PCP briefly dropped me a message saying there was good news from his EEG. So either he showed no propensity for seizures, or if so, they are ones that can be controlled. That's my guess anyway to what the "good news" entail.
My theory, based on mom instict, is that he is teething something fierce and that it's causing the low-grade fever and seizures. He has a very low seizure threshold, so even when his temp is slightly elevated he can start to seize. Normal kids have a high seizure threshold, though almost all can seize after a certain temp (106...) Our little dude seizes at 99. So it seems to me that even though he is still warm, he hasn't seized in two days. Thank you Keppra?
Today was a good day in our snowed in little cabin. The little lion got his mane trimmed and big sister practiced her photography. So sorry for all the pics, but I couldn't resist sharing some of the cuteness! We also had a special vistor, one that likes to come by and look in our windows...See the last photos..Love to all and thank you so much for all your love and prayers this week!


  1. That's great news! I love all the photos!

  2. So glad the seizures are under control. Great pics, thanks for sharing...keep them coming :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures. Glad to hear that Leo's doing better. ~Taylor

  4. How wonderful they were that easy to control! I love the pictures - Leo is such a cutie! The owl is amazing too.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful news and the great pictures! Glad to see that Nika is still such a ham.

  6. I love that second picture. You can just tell that he loves you to pieces. It literally brought tears to my eyes.
    I am so glad to hear that his seizures are under control. I pray they stay that way.

  7. Love all the pictures. Nika and Leo are so cute together. The kids and I have been doing some bird watching lately. It's remarkably simple, yet remarkably fun. You have incredible mommy instinct. Helped me through a lot of sicknesses back in the day. Love Marcy

  8. They look so sweet together.I can see how much Nika loves Leo. His little mane looks great! Glad you have a beautiful place to live. Is that a snowy owl!


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