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Everyone Loves A Football Star

Wow an eventful day in the continuing Leo saga! Finally after three months of paper work and nagging insurance companies, Leo was outfitted with his own personal football helmet...Umm not quite but that is kinda what it looks like! I used to joke with Justin that Leo is our Forest Gump. Simple but with a big heart in the right place. Run Leo, run, we like to say! Well now he really fits the role....Anyway see below for some pics of Leo's rockin new head gear! On the downside, he has to wear this thing 23 hrs a day. Right now it seems a little daunting and stressful, but I'm sure that pretty soon it's just going to be part of the routine. At least I hope so.
Another big thing: we got a phone call today from the hospital asking us to come in for the MRI tomorrow, instead of April because of a cancellation. So here I thought I would have more time to prepare my mind/emotions for this, but now we just get to jump in with both feet. Well that's nothing new right? So far that is the norm for our whole situation with the little Leo man. Ready, steady, oh JUMP!! Anyway wish us luck tomorrow, either it will be good news, new news, or old news, whatever it is, it won't change our love for him. He is our little Gump; full of strength, love, and sweetness. As always, thank you for your prayers, and for reading. I'll post the news as soon as we find out.

Muhahahaa...We love this one...


  1. Thinking of all of you and sending out our prayers! He looks adorable in that helmet!

  2. He is so cute in his new little it light weight? I love the Forest Gump connection :-) Leo, knock their socks off with your MRI tomorrow! I will be thinking and praying for you all. Love the pics. Thanks!

  3. I don't think babies come cuter than this...

  4. Ahhh! So cute!!!!

    Lots of prayers from the Brown house for you guys tomorrow...

  5. We will continue to read and continue to pray (especially about your appt. tomorrow) because we love you all! And, not that you don't already know it, but we just wanted to add that Leo is incredibly adorable in his helmet!

  6. He looks just adorable in his helmet! I particularly like the last photo (how could you not?).

    I'm excited for you to find out what may possibly be going on "up there" but the results will not change my mind about what an extraordinary baby Leo is. Still praying.

  7. Praying for you all today. Leo is quite a star in his helmet and doesn't seem to mind it at all - what a sweet little cutie! See you later this week! xoxo love from the Carrs

  8. Our 12 yo granddaughter is in for a procedure at Boston Children's today - and she and the young lion are in our prayers ! Her 9 yo sister wears a back brace 23 hours a day, for a year now, and she says you get used to it - but she does look forward to that one hour off !!


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