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Post-Op Day 5

Ahhh air! Yesterday they took Leo off the vent. He transitioned perfectly, and after giving a couple coughs and hacks gave everyone a cheeky grin as if to say,"finally, thank you!" It is so wonderful to see him starting to loose some of the tubes and plugs. They also stopped his sedation, so by yesterday evening he was playing with his hands, grabbing at his mobile and even nursing on a bottle. Although unfortunately the bottle came back up later, but it was a start in the right direction. Poor bud hasn't eaten in a long time.  His swelling is going down at a pretty rapid rate, you can almost watch it melt away as he pees.  Yesterday in the AM his eyes were still swollen shut, and by the time they extubated him in the afternoon they were wide open. Most of the doctors left the hospital for this long weekend, but they all left for home with the expressed intent to re-shunt Leo on Tuesday. After that they expect to hold him overnight and then send us home the next day. It seems like the pot of gold over the rainbow...I think I can I think I can I think I can....well if we think we can get there, Leo knows he can. What a strong guy! His recovery has been, from the doctors point of view, just perfect. Again, there is no way we could have survived without all your prayers and support, we are indebted to all of you! Thank you, thank you!
Here are some pics from yesterday. (Sorry I didn't post sooner, but I was so exhausted that I just fell into bed last night and disconnected.)


  1. So wonderful to see his beautiful eyes again...and his grin must have been so contagious as before. This is all very good news. :-)

  2. Looking good there, little dude! What's the sequence of things that need to happen before the H-word is mentioned?

  3. He looks like he's been through a battle - and is emerging victorious! :o)

  4. And he is still facing a battle... Good luck Levka! God bless your quick recovery!

  5. May you all have a restful weekend and gain strength for the journey ahead.
    Much love,
    Mat. Anna

  6. What a sweetheart! Many years little angel!

  7. Saw the little lion nice to see him without so many tubes, and his eyes open. Even caught some smiles under his pacifier, but some tears as well...but after some much needed gastric relief, he was able to sleep :-)

  8. All praise to You, Lord Jesus,
    Lover of children:
    Bless our family,
    Help us to lead our children to You.
    Give us light and strength,
    and courage when our task is difficult.
    May Your Spirit fill us with love and peace,
    So that we may help our children to love You.

    All glory and praise are Yours, Lord Jesus,
    For ever and ever.


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