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Post-Op Day 6

And today we learn about withdrawal. Somehow the picture that comes to mind when I hear this word is a nappy drug addict looking for a fix, not a crying, trembling, sweating baby. Especially not my baby! Since they took Leo off the sedation and the other narcotics after his extubation yesterday afternoon, Leo has become more and more irritable, and today he was quite miserable until we figured out what was going on. The docs were hesitant to go straight for a wean from the meds since Leo was only on them for 5 days or so. Even though he is tough, he's proving himself to be sensitive to meds. Now he is on a very slight wean, just to help him get over the hump. After a long day of tears he finally settled down after a dose and was peacefully sleeping when we left the PICU tonight. Whew, there is always something! The human body is such a delicate instrument, most of medicine is just fiddling around to find the perfect equilibrium.  Anyway we are hoping that this will be the worst of the pain etc for our guy, and that now the road can only go up! Tomorrow they are planning on doing another quickbrain MRI and CAT scan to check on the progress inside his noggin.
Here are some pics from the day. (Check out the perfect forehead on the profile shot...the swelling is really going down. Although they say the swelling will last probably another three weeks or more.)


  1. I'm so glad he's doing better tonight! I hope things continue to just get better from now on!

  2. Leo looks wonderful! What a beautiful little boy!

  3. You are all such warriors! The prayers continue as does our love.

  4. Thanks for the pictures...they are wonderful...he is looking better each day...Leo is still in my prayers


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