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The H Word

Yikes! The H word has been heard around here with increasing frequency!

Should we be worried?

This is hard, that is hard, everything is hard hard hard!

I think we are just resigning ourselves to favoring that adjective, and since it has moved in on squatter's rights, we are putting a new spin on it. Hard is the new good! It is the new black, and we are making it cool.

Here is a brief video of Leo working that H word!

And also fitting in with the theme, Leo's surgery is bumped up to February 6th. We are keeping our fingers and toes, and prayers crossed that this teething/slight congestion/whatever the heck it is will resolve by that time. I am so ready to get this over and done with. This is one of those instances where the anticipation is waaayy worse then the thing itself.  Will it be hard? Yeah. Will it be cool and exciting and worth it? YEAH! Rock on little lion man!


  1. It's my kids new favorite video! God bless all of you! - Laryssa

    1. kids' (*facepalm*) -L

  2. ...And let's keep our minds (and hearts) on the other H word - Hope! ;)


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