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Guess What?

Hey, buddy... Guess what? You know what mummy is doing? Packing your favorite blankie and toy.
Why? know your forehead? Yeah that one right there in the mirror.....

I'm sorry honey, but the doctors are going to fix it for you tomorrow. I know that sounds scary and owy, but think about how handsome you will be! The girls are gonna dig you for sure.  Don't cry baby, you'll make me loose it too, and we are out of tissues.

What's that now? You think I'm joking? Hmm... well..... Uh..

You think I'm packing for the spa here?

Ok, baby, if you insist. Forget that doctor hospital junk, you and me, we are heading for a spa! And when we come home, boy baby, you are going to look and feel so good! Watch out world, here comes Leo man!


  1. Much love and prayers from the Coxes.

  2. He is already unbearably handsome, but I suppose there's nothing wrong with gilding the lily. Prayers for Leo, your whole family, his medical team, and the legions of girls who are going to fall at his feet because of the aforementioned handsomeness.

  3. Oh...such cute pics of the lion... May God Bless ALL the hands of those who will be caring for Leo for the next few days. And Lord...please send down your Guardian Angels to hold up and support Leo & his family through yes another surgery. Know our prayers are coming your way.

  4. Prayers for Leo, your family, the doctors and nurses, and all involved. Lord, have mercy!

  5. God bless baby Leo! We will pray for a smooth, successful surgery and a fast recovery! And we'll pray for his parents and sister as well. (By God's grace we'll be in church on Monday for the Feast of St. Xenia - so we'll all pray for him!)



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