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Little By Little

Today Leo man had some lows, but also had some highs. Between feeling a bit yucky in his tummy, and owy in his head, he also had some smiles and giggles for his favorite people. It is easy for us to stay fairly positive about his recovery. All we have to do is compare it to the ordeal we went through last time. This doesn't even compare. Yeah, it is hard. And yeah we are tired and emotionally drained, but at 3 days post-op last time, Leo was still dead to the world and on life support. Today he is complaining, smiling, eating, and very much alive. Thank God.

The deciding factor on the idea of discharge tomorrow depends on how much fluid little man takes in and puts out tonight. He has been rebelling the bottle the last couple days. I guess it is really the only thing he can say no to. But, he really needs to drink so that we can get the heck home.

Staying hopeful, and staying faithful, love to all of you, and thanks so much for all your prayers!
Here are some pics from the today. We've been calling him our "frankien baby" and playing around with the idea of photoshopping some bolts on to his neck...


  1. Poor little angel:(.. Praying to God for his recovery.. He's such a strong boy!

  2. Glory to God for such a quick start to recovery! Despite the setting, those are beautiful pictures of the two of you. (: Still praying.

  3. Awww what a little sweetie and with the courage of a lion!!!! That is one mighty fine forehead little guy!!! Mighty fine indeed! Our prayers are with you all! Stay strong!

  4. Beautiful photos!You have got to be the Most patient & loving parents around. The emotional stress, yet you are such a God loving family. This is where your strength comes from. Prayers remain with you always!


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