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Happy Dead Beats

And at least we are dead beating it at home. 

They let us go today after lunch, without much hassle. Whenever we are discharged from the hospital after a longish stay, I am always surprised at how easy it is to leave when they let us. I always feel like I should grab the boy and run, while the mission impossible soundtrack plays in the background. I get this surreal feeling like it is almost to easy to just walk out: carrying him, with maybe a passing nurse's goodbye following us out. Is that all there is? Shouldn't there be a crowd cheering frantically and waving us out? A fanfare? Or maybe the satisfying sound of bullets thwacking aimlessly into the floor as we sprint heroically down the hallway and into a waiting helicopter?

Ah well.

It was nice to stroll out of there regardless.

Little man was very happy to be home, and stopped playing "the frail boy who just had his head cut open" and immediately upon arrival started crawling around, jumping, and eating. Boy did he have us all fooled...

It is great to have the surgery behind us, even though at this moment it all feels just kinda hazy from the exhaustion, and from the removal of that adrenalin induced high that we have been functioning off of. 

It's weird feeling, but we are hopeful that a good night's sleep at home will be the first step to bringing us back into our normal life and routine.

Thanks everyone, for everything!
( Sorry some of the pics are grainy. Still haven't found the camera that takes decent pics inside our house.. But ya'll get the idea!)

Getting excited about going home!

And we are home!

Let the hair pulling commence!


  1. Yay! So glad you're home :-) A good night's rest is so ordered by us all. He looks wonderful and free from all the intensity of hospital setting. Thanks Be o God!

  2. Your sense of humor is the best restorative. Such a relief to see you all smiling and home! God bless his wonderful surgeons. Can't wait to see his new face when the swelling is gone.

  3. Glory to God in the hightest, and peace to His people on earth. Our precious boy looks somewhat like Peter Boyle in his role in Young Frankenstein.......but lots cuter and lots happier. ~~~Claire


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