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Barrel Bottom Dance

At least you know that when you hit the bottom of the barrel there is no where else to go but up. With God's grace and everyone's prayers this afternoon we miraculously got Leo's data transference test back four days early! This was the highly specialized test that checked for cerebral spinal fluid in the stuff leaking out of Leo's chest. And, because I knew all along that this was a shunt issue, the test was positive for CSF. Finally! The attending doc, resident and nurses, and us, and really anyone who knew about anything to do with Leo's case was dancing a mad jig up and down. Finally we have an answer, and finally we have plan to get Leo better. We must have been the only parents to react with hoots of glee and relief on hearing their baby needs to have surgery.
The plan isn't totally hashed out yet, but it goes something like this, figure out what is wrong with his shunt catheter and fix the heck out of it. Details to come. It won't be so simple of course, because of the little matter of the hole in his chest and the confusion of fluids, so they may have to externalize the shunt drain from his head to see how things start drying up. Boy will have several leaky spots, but hopefully within a couple more days the worst will be over and he can start really focusing on healing.
Thanks for ALL the crazy love and prayers heading Leo's way!

"Fix me docs so I can get back to my band!"

(The blue hair is a result of an EEG this morning as a last ditch stalling effort by the docs to keep us from going ape from the lack of progress. The test was normal. 


  1. Amen for answers! More prayers coming your way for a timely and supremely successful surgery. Love, Elaine

  2. Keeping you all and this precious boy in my prayers. I'm so glad you have some answers at last.

  3. God bless our dear Lion and his awesome parents!

  4. Lookin' good, Leo! LOL. (Love the blue hair and glad you got a picture of it.) So glad you have an answer!

  5. He is so beautiful!!! Praying for all of you.


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