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Intensive Care Christmas

You guessed it.
Leo is in the PICU since yesterday.

He has been sick with a nasty virus last week, but the nagging feeling in my gut was hinting at worse things brewing. Though the clinic docs couldn't find much wrong, he just wasn't getting better. Finally that nagging feeling could not be ignored any longer so with the support of Leo's wonderful Godmama we bundled him to the ED. A shunt series chest scan showed a completely fluid filled lung and an airway that was skewed off to one side; pushed by the fluid.
It was kinda shocking!!
Everyone was shocked because he wasn't showing respiratory distress. Not to merit that can of terrible scan. So they ruled out infection pretty quick and cleared his shunt. After awhile of head scratching and trouble shooting and tests, as of now, it seems that he is at a toxic level of his anti convulsant drug which in rare cases has been known to cause plural effusion (the fluid) in his lungs. They don't know why his body isn't absorbing and breaking down the med. I gather that it can happen sometime for many unknown factors.
So far, that's all we know.
They will have to tap and drain the fluid for testing if they decide there is another reason for the fluid or if he gets worse.
This is tough going right now friends, so please, remember the lil Lion this Christmas in your prayers. I'll try to update as things become more known.


  1. :-(

    Poor little Lion....

    Heartfelt prayers for a quick recovery and return back home .

  2. Bless his heart. :( We still pray for Leo at every service in our parish.

  3. Prayers for you all. - Nun Eisodia

  4. Thank God you trusted your instincts! Prayers continue for your little lion and all of you!

  5. I know it's not much in terms of comfort but I've mentioned Leo at every Liturgy I've ever offered.

    fr john cox

    1. Echoing Fr John, he is on our regular prayer list for liturgy and all services where we pray for anyone by name. We'll keep praying for him.

      Fr James Bozeman

  6. May God be with you all...! I am so sorry to hear that.
    Fr. A

  7. Praying for dear Leo and all of you! Though we've never met in real life, you are all in my prayers; I guess that's its own kind of "real life." Praying the new year starts with better health for Leo.

  8. We continually pray for dear Leo and family. May God be merciful and strengthen him each and every hour. His guardian angel is with him!


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