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Intensive Care Christmas cont.

This afternoon, after much deliberation of the team, and some not very subtle urging from me, Leo got the fluid drained from the plural space around his poor squashed and collapsed lung. No joke here folks, they drained a quarter of a GALLON of fluid out! The running joke is that Leo doesn't do moderation. He makes the radiologists use words like "huge" or "profound" or "massive". Perhaps it's one of those "you had to be there" jokes, but it does seem like he has got some kind of a trend going on in making docs expand their usual diagnostic vocabulary. Anyway the procedure was a success and Leo's lung inflated back up to 50% almost immediately after the fluid pretty much exploded out. The fluid is now off being tested and lion boy is resting and breathing much better then before. And no wonder having so much fluid pushing all his bits off to left field like that! No answers as yet to cause of this, but we are hopeful that the labs will shed more light on the puzzle. Thanks as always for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!


  1. not a day goes by in which Leo is NOT remembered in my fact, I often start my prayers by giving thanks for the miracle of Leo. love, Claire

  2. Been thinking of Leo and praying that this gets sorted out soon. I'm so sorry it's happening right at the holidays. Lots of love to your family!

  3. Love and prayers from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. May the Eternal God Who was born as a little Child be with your little Leo, and all of you, at this holiest time. Leo is in our prayers, every day. Christ is Born!


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