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Bada Bing!

Bada Boom. The 'Hitch gets things done. Leo is going in for surgery tomorrow at 10:00. We decided on least invasive measures first, so he will be getting his shunt revised. They will switch out the valves, changing his meduim flow valve to an adjustible one. Also during the surgery they will check that all the other parts of the shunt are working as they should be. The idea is that with the magnetic valve they will be able to adjust it as needed according to his fluid pressure. The medium flow valve just doesn't drain fast enough to keep up with his CSF production. He makes about 200cc of fluid a day. That's like one can of cola!!!

He'll have to spend the night in the PICU, but if all goes as planned we should be able to go home Thursday. A little tense tonight at the homestead, though in the great scheme of things this is a pretty easy and routine surgery. Well, we trust the surgeons and we trust in the strength and resiliency of our little guy. Hopefully he won't have to have any other major procedures for a good long while.

 Here's big sis and little bro enjoying that glorious fall day we had not too long ago.

 Notice his lion blankie. Thanks John and Laura, you guys are too cute......


  1. Prayers and good thoughts headed your way! We love you guys!

    Nicki and Dusty

  2. What a lovely peaceful picture of nature and also of the nature of human cubs! May the Lord God bless and ease your day tomorrow! See U!

  3. Leo is a champion at overcoming obstacles!We pray that he will sail through this one as well. Gods protection and blessings for tomorrow!
    Lots of love.

  4. Thinking of you guys. What a sweetie he is.

  5. Love and prayers and more love and prayers. What beautiful pictures. So full of light and love, just like your family. May God grant you all strength tomorrow. We are praying for Leo's successful surgery.


  6. Also love the photo above. Very Tranquil. Know that All your supports and prayers from us all will help hold you both up, tomorrow, and may God Bless the surgeons hands who care for our little warrior, Leo. Love to you all

  7. Go Leo! Love and prayers for you all.

    The Coxes

  8. Keeping you in our prayers and hoping everything went well.

  9. So glad to hear from Joann that Leo pulled through the surgery today! We'll continue to pray, of course, that this new valve will do the job. And, by the way, both photos are adorable. Much love, K&D


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