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Spent a peaceful and quiet evening in Leo's quarters, just Anna and I.  It's been a little over two weeks since we found out what was happening with Leo.  I don't think we have shared a laugh together since that time, for obvious reasons, but tonight was a release.  We remembered this random FarSide cartoon where a pilot is fumbling for a switch that says "wings stay on" "wings fall off".  Remember that one?  It reminds us a bit of the irony involved with the design of a thing and how it should not be an option to self destruct.  I guess you had to be there, but even the doctor told us a little black humor is allowed.
We are all set to take Leo home with us tomorrow.  Lots to go over before he is discharged.  We will probably have a visiting nurse come every day to check on things.  Leo's doctor, who is genuinely a compassionate person, offered to keep in contact and even gave us his home number!  Rare for such a thing to happen especially in a hot-shot hospital like the Hitch, but he has taken to us.  Leo is such a rare case, it seems he has been a case study for the med students.  Anyway, he is getting very boyish looking.  We are proud of him and how far he has come.  We hope he continues to surprise us once he gets into the big bad world.  That as we know is not for the faint of heart.  But heart is certainly not something Leo lacks.  That is our consolation.   


  1. That is wonderful that Leo can finally come home, Lord willing. That is great you have such great medical care too. What an emotional two weeks it has been. Thanks for sharing it with us and your endless faith and love.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news! You can see his heart in his eyes, he doesn't have those amazing, intense eyes for nothing. I am so happy for you.

  3. Praise God. So glad he gets to come home.

  4. Dear guys, while you are adjusting to a new routine, if you need any help like going to the store, cooking meals, taking care of Nika, or doing some other errands, please let us know. We are standing by.

  5. Wonderful news! We love the DuMoulin's and continue to pray all of you.

    Dn John Brantley

  6. Filled with such joy! Love to you, dear DuMoulins

  7. So glad you found something to laugh about. Thank you again for sharing Leo with us.


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