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It's Been Three Weeks...

since Leo's arrival, since he blew our minds.  We are starting to feel a turn of perspective.  The days and weeks we spent asking God to wake us up from a bad dream seem like ages ago.  Meanwhile the air is cooler and I don't remember when Fall decided to come.  Somewhere in the turn of events with Leo being home the seasons have turned too.  The weather seems more dramatic and restless.  Driving to work the landscape is not so settled as it is in Summer.  It is dying and forces unseen are at work on the trees the leaves and earth.  Forces unseen.  That is what all of this has felt like.  Our hearts pulled in multiple directions while a steady force rises.  Gotta hand it to Leo, he has altered our perception of what's expected.  Can't even watch the leaves change without listening to the stirrings in our hearts.  The power our kids can grip us with is profound.  Or is it the power of God?  Kids are miracles, a continuum of that possibility of God.  Leo brings it all in in fresh ways.  I am grateful to him.


  1. Those who love you are living this life with you. In this sense everything you do, all the small ways at work today, for example, are somehow some brand new gifts. What is the gift for? This is how souls are deepened, become capable of throwing longer, stronger lines to others. Carefulness becomes a given. Thanks for your thoughts.
    big bro fr c

  2. Your faith in the Lord to bring you through ,to live each day giving it to him to decide what he will do.Following his plans while not even knowing is a testimony of your faith. A true love and sacrifice to the Lord you give in giving trust to him and believing in his plan, love,and mercies day by day .May the Lord continue to be Glorified through your sharing of challenges,and the love in your heart for Leo.
    Kari's Friend , Andrea


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