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More Thanks Due...

I was thinking about you all today, all seventy-plus of Leo's faithful friends.  All of you have been very supportive of us so more thanks are due.  I remember telling Father Caleb, who was with us everyday at the hospital during the worst hurdles, that I didn't know what it felt like to live completely on people's prayers.  Now I think I got a taste of it.  When all the lights go out for us parents in that moment you find a small light in knowing people are there with you heart and soul.  Thank you all! 
Daily life has wiggled it's way back and we are poking our heads out of our hole.  We have emerged with many unanswered questions and lingering fears.  I think it's because we have been barraged with the whole spectrum of what can happen to Leo in the coming months/years, both good things and bad.  We don't know what to do with it.  Meanwhile life goes on and nothing seems to be happening to him except he performs all the normal baby things.  He is our second child so we are cool with all of that :).  For a very compromised brain, or lack thereof, he gets along amazingly well.  We found out today from the geneticists that his chromosomal test was normal.  In other words it is not a "syndrome" of any kind.  The causes of the problem may be more difficult to get at but we hope we have time to keep learning and doing what we have to do.  It's a special time for us I think. 
I had forgot to mention before how vitally supportive our parents have been through all of this.  The wise doctor said a few times that this can be really rough on grandparents because they see both generations suffering.  Our parents, Timm and Joann DuMoulin, and Father Andrew and Galina Tregubov have really become those giant figures of love and support for us in all of this.  All of you who know them understand. 
Anyway, feeling grateful to all who have expressed their concern and offered to help in their own way...  all the local Orthodox Churches, monastery's  and parishoners, Facebook friends, school friends, work buddies.  Love to all!                               


  1. We think about you and pray for you everyday. It's so nice to have these updates about Leo and the family, thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Tell Nika John Basil says hello. we love you.


  2. The wise doctor is right: Leo's great grandma is crying and praying for three generations of her loved ones. But the Lord is merciful - the same jet stream that brings us strong storms, brings us good weather also. Little Leo teaches us all the real values of Christianity. Beside, you guys, are great parents! We follow your lead in love to this child.

    Grandpa and Grandma Tregubov


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